Direct Metal Sculptor

I've been an artists since the first time I realized I was an artist. As a young boy, I enjoyed drawing as an outlet. Experimenting with all types of mediums, I didn’t discover metal until 2002 when I started work at an ornamental blacksmith shop, thus sparking my passion for metal sculpture. I believe that art is an expression of the mind and the ultimate expression of freedom. My inspirations come from life’s challenges. Each piece inspires the next. Taking a hands-on approach, I create sculptures that will stand the test of time. My goal is to be a world renowned artist and a visionary in the metal sculpting medium.

It's a unique creative process when commissioning a sculpture through me. First, I like to know what type of style you lean more towards and if you want an indoor or outdoor piece. Then I like to know what your price range is, because this can determined size and technique. After I have a feel of what your looking for, I can draw up a few different proposals for you to choose from. Then we can agree on the perfect sculpture for you. That's when the fun begins, creating your very own sculpture! Throughout the creation of your piece I will keep you updated with weekly progress reports and photos. Then your sculpture is complete! Time to enjoy your investment.

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